Eric’s two+ decades as an entrepreneurial B2B tech marketer started by launching a dial-up internet service when 9.6 Kbps was all the bandwidth anyone would need. His career followed the growth of data rates to include product management at a telecom start-up, a strategy consulting firm called TeleChoice, and marketing roles at AT&T and Qwest. Immediately before Aventi, Eric spent more than 10 years at Juniper Networks, most recently leading demand, awareness, and sales/partner enablement for Juniper’s Data Center products.

Eric joined Aventi Group because Aventi allows him to put more “life” in his family’s work-life balance. Eric enjoys working with clients on marketing strategy and executing the strategy with content, campaigns, research, and enablement. Recently at Aventi, Eric is helping SaaS firms optimize their software “Free Trials”. After analyzing dozens of SaaS-based free trials, Eric and team have a methodology and knowledge base to help increase the effectiveness, efficiency, and ultimately revenue of client’s free trials.

Eric has a BS from University of Colorado and an MBA from Indiana University. Eric is a former board member of the Denver Art Museum’s CultureHaus group and has coached too many youth teams to count.

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