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Client Testimonials

Aventi Group provided broad social media expertise as well as campaign design and execution skills to help establish the Digital Enterprise Platform Group as a leader both inside and outside of SAP.

Marie Melgaard

Head of Social Media, SAP

We tapped Aventi to further sharpen our messaging and positioning as well as refine our pricing model which are key to our growth plans. Aventi developed and delivered a fresh, compelling story for MentorCloud based on a set of "voice of the customer" research interviews. Our founder, Dr Ravi Gundlapalli, and I thoroughly enjoyed the intense and tight collaboration with the Aventi team. I highly recommend Aventi to any tech executive poised for explosive growth and wanting to ensure the right foundation is in place.

Pankaj Srivastava

CEO, MentorCloud

[The Aventi executive] is extraordinarily professional, very talented at the discipline of product marketing, and is able to dramatically accelerate execution with a calm and steady hand. He has a strong team behind him who share his values, and take tremendous pride in their work. I would strongly recommend him if you have a need for product marketing support.

Chandra Rangan

Former VP Product Marketing, HP Enterprise Software

We engaged Aventi Group to conduct a rigorous assessment of the market potential for us to win in the legal compliance software space, specifically online seller policy management. Aventi made a compelling case for a go-to-market investment based upon customer research interviews, competitive analyses and market quantification. They brought valuable expertise, worked collaboratively throughout the process, and prepared a realistic plan to drive revenue growth and market leadership. If you're a software company in a high growth category, I highly recommend tapping Aventi for both strategic and tactical marketing.

Denise Zmuda

Former Head of Channel Management Products and Services, Vorys

We tapped the Aventi Group because of their expertise in enterprise cybersecurity and the closely related fields of data protection and privacy. The Aventi senior product marketer worked collaboratively with us to deliver a messaging brief and topics for webinars that we are implementing now. I highly recommend Aventi for product marketing leaders who find themselves short on bandwidth, yet needing to produce quality results quickly.

Harley Adams

Director Security Product Marketing, Micro Focus

S2 Global is growing rapidly as the world's leading provider of turnkey, state-of-the-art screening solutions for inspection and security at international borders, ports, and other venues. As such, our sales and marketing team needed more and more content to support the buyer's journey. Aventi Group's senior consultant did an excellent job in gaining internal alignment on our messaging for the CertScan offering, and in creating a number of key assets we now use. This is no easy task as our solutions are very complex and our customers have many different buyer stakeholders. I highly recommend Aventi Group to any marketing executive needing rapid access to product marketing expertise that operates strategically yet produces a lot of quality output.

Melissa Odegaard

Director of Marketing, S2 Global

The Aventi Group Partner led an important launch for our flagship product line. She created a sense of urgency in getting things moving faster and producing results. She not only served as launch and campaign leader but rolled up her sleeves to create or edit content, ensure list quality, devise nurture flows, analyzed metrics for process improvement, and worked collaboratively with our experienced teams.

Jason Paez

Sr Director, Integrated Marketing Campaigns, A10 Networks

As we grow rapidly, we saw the need for greater rigor in scaling our selling process, systems, seller competencies, approach and more. Aventi Group's executive came in with a methodology to benchmark our selling model, and recommended specific areas for increased focus. We also tapped Aventi to support extensive sales enablement and prep for a strategic launch of our BambooHR product line. The Aventi leader ran through several role playing sessions, delivered the live sales rep and sales management trainings, and built a sales playbook that was foundational going forward. We see our engagement with Aventi as one of the key contributing factors to our success thus far.

Jeff Adams

Former Chief Revenue Officer, BambooHR

Malwarebytes believes that when people and organizations are free from threats, they are free to thrive. As a leader in cyber-protection, Malwarebytes needed excellent talent for critical projects. Malwarebytes partnered with Aventi Group, a product marketing agency, on several fronts: international expansion, product packaging/pricing, segment analysis, competitive sales motions, and more. The Aventi product marketer proved to be an invaluable asset with her depth and breadth of experience. I highly recommend Aventi.

Jennifer Mullin

Former VP Marketing, Malwarebytes

We brought in Aventi Group to help with several GTM initiatives and they quickly contributed to our events, content, and our lead process. I wanted to specifically call out the great job of our Senior Aventi Consultant who helped us execute the last couple events. We faced several last minute major obstacles and overcame them primarily through our consultant’s quick thinking and impressive organizational skills. Much appreciated!

Jimmy Mathai

Former VP Corporate and Demand Marketing, Sandvine

As a product marketing leader, it's hard to do everything you need effectively without having the right resources. By engaging with Aventi, I was able to utilize them as an extension of my team to turn my content into an engaging and relevant interactive sales playbook for my sales team to leverage.

Joe Ariganello

VP Product Marketing, Anomali

[The Aventi Group] senior consultant, did a great job in creating assets that our partners and sales teams agreed were on the mark. He also provided valuable guidance on how best to energize and enable partners on our joint solutions and has helped Fortinet put their best foot forward in how we message without partners.

Pamela Seeds

Senior Channel Marketing, Fortinet

Aventi Group has been a key partner to Anomali. Acting as an extension of our Marketing Team, Aventi brought the right skills and support to help us execute on our strategic priorities across brand, demand gen and product launch initiatives.

Karen Buffo

CMO, Anomali

We engaged Aventi Group to bring additional rigor and insight into our hypergrowth plans at 15Five which involves expanding from our leadership position in the continuous performance management (CPM) software category. The market requirements document (MRD) Aventi’s team delivered included primary customer research with a sample of buyers of CPM solutions, and competitive insight work profiling over a dozen players. We were very pleased with the Aventi team’s strategic thinking, evidenced based conclusions, highly collaborative approach, and completing the project right on schedule. I would recommend Aventi to any marketing B2B tech executive looking to engage strategic planning expertise.

Keshila Shannon

Former Senior VP Marketing, 15Five

We are experiencing hypergrowth and have found ourselves in need of more event support in both EMEA AND APAC regions. We tapped Aventi for their expertise in supporting regional teams in event management and execution. They came to the rescue! I truly enjoyed working with the Aventi team member and how quickly she was able to take charge as well as take direction to ensure the events were managed and executed with the utmost professionalism. It was a great partnership! I highly recommend Aventi for event management leadership and support.

Lanesa Sherfey

Director of Marketing, Venafi

As Seegrid experiences hypergrowth in the autonomous mobile robot (AMR) category, we wanted to sharpen our product positioning and product line naming to grow with our rapidly expanding product portfolio. We partnered with Aventi Group because of their Silicon Valley DNA: their extensive experience with marketing complex technologies and their track record with blue chip tech firms. The Aventi team brought a rigorous methodology and deep expertise that greatly enhanced our go-to-market strategy. I'd recommend Aventi to any B2B marketing executive looking to tap expertise and resources for GTM efforts.

Lindsay Derda

Former Head of Product Marketing, Seegrid

We engaged Aventi Group to conduct a rigorous assessment of the market potential for us to win in the facilities management software market. Aventi made a compelling case for a go-to-market investment and we launched mid 2021. Aventi helped build immediate momentum on a number of key execution fronts including delivering over 65 customer assets, delivering over 1,500 leads, building a great brand voice, and other sales enablement assets. If you're a software company in a high growth category, I highly recommend tapping Aventi for both strategic and tactical marketing.

Marie Espinoza

President, 4insite

I brought Avery Horzewski on to help manage UJET’s social media activities where her support was invaluable. She’s equally adept at big-picture thinking and working in the trenches, and her execution is impeccable. Thanks to Avery’s efforts, we captured the attention of key influencers in our industry and developed a very effective process model for ongoing growth and engagement with our brand. I highly recommend Avery and her team, and I hope to work with them again soon.

Melody Appleton

Former Director of Product Marketing, UJET

The social media program that Aventi Group developed and executed on behalf of the SAP Industries Marketing team gave us the opportunity to incorporate stop-motion videos, unique banner ads, blogs and podcasts in our industry and line of business campaigns across multiple channels. When I look at the work they did to put together such a comprehensive social plan, I am so proud of how the project came to life. Their project management skills, flexibility, expertise, and creativity were critical to helping us get to market on time. Moreover, the social kits, templates, and reporting dashboards they created will allow us to continue this success on our own going forward.

Michelle L. Schooff

Vice President, Industry Marketing Strategy, SAP

Aventi assisted us with everything from new messaging, sales enablement, product launches, and asset development. Our sales team commented on the significant improvement to our materials, and we were set up well for our next major product launch. I would highly recommend this team.

Sue Barsamian

Former EVP and Chief Sales Officer, Micro Focus

Trustwave, a leading cybersecurity and managed detection and response (MDR) provider needed support in creating compelling customer content and business value messaging for various global marketing initiatives. We engaged Aventi Group because of their clear track record in cybersecurity product marketing and their ability to snap in quickly and start contributing to our success. The Aventi leader, Ray McKenzie, delivered an “An Executive's Guide to Budgeting for Managed Detection and Response” and a “Managed Threat Detection and Response Cost Analysis Calculator” through a highly effective collaboration with our internal experts. We continue to tap Aventi for campaign execution and product marketing outputs.

Tom Powledge

Chief Product Officer, Trustwave

Aventi is a trusted partner in my moonshot programs. If I’m the CEO of my initiative, then the Aventi lead is the COO delivering on KPIs.

Tina Tang

Former Senior Director Product Marketing, SAP HANA

Our Sales Kick Off (SKO) event was coming up in two months and we needed pre-SKO training for our sellers, but our training organization was short staffed. Aventi’s content and enablement experts worked with our leadership team to develop the training modules, including videos, and built the modules for our learning management system (LMS). I’m really pleased how it all turned out and our sales team will really appreciate it. You guys rock!  

Sherri Liebo

SVP & Head of Marketing, Flexential

As we innovate the pharma and biotech clinical development process with our AI-based solutions, we tapped Aventi Group to help shape our go-to-market strategy across emerging markets and develop engaging and relevant customer-facing content. We were impressed with Aventi’s depth and breadth of expertise in raising the bar of our marketing, and highly recommend Aventi to B2B executives looking for strategic and tactical go-to-market needs. Aventi was a delight to work with and great on keeping the momentum throughout our projects!

Scientific Liaison Director, Intelligencia