Product Launches

Whether it’s a soft launch, minimal launch, or full product launch, our team of experts will ensure your product launch sustains market momentum and contributes to your bottom line.

How Aventi helps

Our team is here to either take full responsibility for a launch plan from beginning to end, add extra hands to your existing team, or lead a critical element of your master plan.

Establish clear launch goals and precise success metrics to track progress and ensure a launch that meets both market demands and company objectives.

Our experienced program managers help you manage cross-functional teams to ensure seamless execution of launch plans from initial concept to market introduction.

We’ll craft compelling messaging, strategic positioning, and highly targeted assets to differentiate your product and engage effectively with your target market.

Data-driven results
Reduction in operational costs by streamlining event management processes
Launch checklist items on time
Earned mentions from customers, analysts, and partners
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Aventi provides a full spectrum of product launch services, including objective setting, program management, customer collateral, sales enablement, events, social media, messaging, and post-launch analysis.

We quantify success by achieving predefined objectives, market engagement metrics, and the revenue contribution of the launch.

Aventi has expertise across B2B sectors––cybersecurity, collaboration, HR tech, healthcare tech, fintech, ERP/supply chain––with a focus on high-growth and enterprise-level organizations.

While Aventi does help craft global launch plans, our strength lies in creating a comprehensive launch blueprint that multinational firms can implement with local partners, ensuring the strategy is globally consistent yet locally relevant.

Aventi brings a strategic blend of analytics, creativity, and industry expertise to ensure your product achieves its full market potential.