Program and Campaign Management

Drive awareness, engagement, and traffic with our tailored campaign management services that will enhance the quality of your pipeline.

How Aventi helps

Our team can manage paid advertising, search marketing, events, content marketing, digital and social media, and much more to ensure we’re driving quality engagement from quality leads.

Our outcome-driven campaigns focus on comprehensive funnel engagement and corresponding conversion and engagement rates to drive measurable success.

Our team will create a rigorous campaign plan as a blueprint for execution. We’ll cover everything from campaign theme development to core messaging and recommended tactics.

We’ll craft strong, targeted messages to captivate your audience and encourage engagement with your desired CTAs.

Data-driven results
Reduction in operational costs by streamlining event management processes
Up to 50%
Reduction in time required for event planning
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Our campaign plans are meticulously crafted to serve as comprehensive blueprints for execution. Each plan outlines clear goals and metrics, budget considerations, a detailed calendar, and a cohesive campaign theme. We dive deep into understanding the target segment and Ideal Customer Profile (ICP), crafting a compelling value proposition and core message that resonates. Our recommended tactics are tailored to each campaign, potentially including SEM, social media, events, email marketing, content marketing, analyst relations (AR), public relations (PR), and media/advertising strategies to ensure a holistic approach.

By combining creative storytelling with data-driven insights, Aventi designs campaigns that capture attention and differentiate your product or solution.

Aventi has expertise across B2B sectors––cybersecurity, collaboration, HR tech, healthcare tech, fintech, ERP/supply chain––with a focus on high-growth and enterprise-level organizations.

Yes, Aventi utilizes real-time analytics to make swift adjustments to campaigns, optimizing performance and ROI.

Aventi ensures brand and message consistency across channels by developing integrated campaign strategies that align with your overall marketing objectives.