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Even the most advanced marketing strategies are ineffective without robust, hands-on execution. That's where our top-notch marketing campaign services step in, helping you drive demand, increase awareness and boost brand recognition. Understanding your audience and taking an integrated approach to programs and campaigns are essential to increasing conversions across multiple marketing channels.

Our Services

Global Events

We have years of experience in managing virtual and face-to-face events for our clients. We do everything from strategy to planning and execution. Our goal is to help you create a memorable and engaging event while ensuring you’re getting the results you’re looking for.

Marketing Campaigns

We will work to understand your audience and strategize on the best ways to reach them. Utilizing our knowledge, we craft websites and landing pages that enhance your marketing campaigns. Beyond planning, we will roll up our sleeves and execute marketing tactics to help drive demand and leads for your campaigns.

Customer Reference Programs

Case studies and customer references are key in driving sales. Whether you’re looking for testimonials and case studies, or would like to create a complete reference program, we are here to help.

Contests and Awards

We can help you design and run customer contests and awards programs to recognize customer innovation or game changing use of your products and solutions.

Customer or Partner Advisory Boards

Advisory boards are a proven way to directly engage your top customers in your company product strategy and roadmap discussions. Customer Advisory Boards bring you closer to your customers and can help you create and maintain competitive differentiation. We can work with you to recruit and plan and run the meetings for you.

Special Interest Groups

Special Interest Groups (SIGs) bring together customers and company executives to collaborate on specific solution areas, technologies, and initiatives. The result can be shared priorities and joint development of critical new capabilities and solutions. Our team will work with you to create a plan and help you manage the program from start to finish.

Nurture Campaigns

To ensure your leads are constantly nurtured we will help you create a campaign flow that fits your needs. We’ll identify and create educational and relevant content and map your content to the demand generation funnel. We’ll work with you on ensuring that your leads move through the funnel faster so that they can be contacted by your sales team.

Account-based Marketing

Companies investing in ABM see substantial results in their marketing programs. Our team can help you with your ABM strategies to reach your targeted audience and drive sales.

Business Impact

With Aventi support, our clients have achieved great results from event marketing:


Reduction in operational costs by streamlining event management processes

Up to 50%

Reduction in time required for event planning

Client Testimonials

We brought in Aventi Group to help with several GTM initiatives and they quickly contributed to our events, content, and our lead process. I wanted to specifically call out the great job of our Senior Aventi Consultant who helped us execute the last couple events. We faced several last minute major obstacles and overcame them primarily through our consultant’s quick thinking and impressive organizational skills. Much appreciated!

Jimmy Mathai Former VP Corporate and Demand Marketing, Sandvine

We are experiencing hypergrowth and have found ourselves in need of more event support in both EMEA AND APAC regions. We tapped Aventi for their expertise in supporting regional teams in event management and execution. They came to the rescue! I truly enjoyed working with the Aventi team member and how quickly she was able to take charge as well as take direction to ensure the events were managed and executed with the utmost professionalism. It was a great partnership! I highly recommend Aventi for event management leadership and support.

Lanesa Sherfey Director of Marketing, Venafi

Aventi is a trusted partner in my moonshot programs. If I’m the CEO of my initiative, then the Aventi lead is the COO delivering on KPIs.

Tina Tang Former Senior Director Product Marketing, SAP HANA

We engaged Aventi Group to conduct a rigorous assessment of the market potential for us to win in the facilities management software market. Aventi made a compelling case for a go-to-market investment and we launched mid 2021. Aventi helped build immediate momentum on a number of key execution fronts including delivering over 65 customer assets, delivering over 1,500 leads, building a great brand voice, and other sales enablement assets. If you're a software company in a high growth category, I highly recommend tapping Aventi for both strategic and tactical marketing.

Marie Espinoza President, 4insite

The Aventi Group Partner led an important launch for our flagship product line. She created a sense of urgency in getting things moving faster and producing results. She not only served as launch and campaign leader but rolled up her sleeves to create or edit content, ensure list quality, devise nurture flows, analyzed metrics for process improvement, and worked collaboratively with our experienced teams.

Jason Paez Sr Director, Integrated Marketing Campaigns, A10 Networks

Frequently Asked Questions

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A marketing campaign is a coordinated series of steps that promotes a product, service, or brand through one or many mediums (such as social media, email, TV, and more). These campaigns are strategically designed to resonate with the audience and inspire them with a specific goal, such as generating sales or improving brand awareness.

The success of a marketing campaign can be gauged using various Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Some common KPIs include:

  • Sales Revenue
  • Lead Generation
  • Impressions
  • Website Traffic
  • Click-Through Rate (CTR)
  • Conversion Rate
  • Social Media Engagement
  • Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)
  • Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Cost per acquisition (CPA)
  • Cost per click (CPC)

The cost of marketing campaign services can vary greatly depending on a range of factors, including the size of the business, the scope of the campaign, the channels used, and the campaign's duration. Companies may invest anywhere from a few hundred dollars in a small, localized campaign to millions in a comprehensive, global campaign.

Crafting a successful marketing campaign involves several steps:

  • Define clear business objectives.
  • Gain a deep understanding of your target audience.
  • Choose the right marketing channels for dissemination.
  • Design compelling messages that captivate and motivate.
  • Regularly monitor the campaign's effectiveness and analyze results upon conclusion to refine future strategies.

Execution of a marketing campaign typically involves the following steps:

  • Launch carefully crafted messages through selected marketing channels.
  • Ensure each part of the campaign aligns with the overarching goals.
  • Actively monitor campaign performance.
  • Make data-driven adjustments as needed to maintain effectiveness.
  • Ensure all elements of the campaign work together for maximum impact.
  • Analyze results after the campaign concludes to gain insights for future strategies.

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