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Unleashing the Power of the Sales Playbook

I’ve seen many variations of sales playbooks in my career. From the simplistic and overly-general to the content-dense with loads of long lists, hyperlinks, and prose. Playbooks are typically too long, too complicated for the user, and out dated immediately after...

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Top Reasons to Attend #PMCSF Oct 5th

The Product Marketing Community Conference in San Francisco is approaching fast! There are many reasons you do not want to miss this event, including a presentation from our very own Co-Founder, Sridhar Ramanathan, entitled "Product Marketing: Practical Steps to...

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5 Ways to Boost Your Product Launch

Product launches are one of the biggest milestones for all companies. Announcing something new can invigorate sales teams and the company at large. Most importantly launches let customers know you are improving their services with innovations and more competitive...

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