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5 GTM Slip-ups to Avoid

Does your product team see product marketing as a last minute “checkbox” item needed for a fast approaching product launch or (preferably) as a strategic architect for business growth?

Some product folks tend to call PMM just a few weeks before a major product launch asking where’s that datasheet, updated website, sales deck, and a demand gen campaign? Well, maybe it’s not quite that bad but how can you, as a GTM architect, get way upstream of a major product launch so you can develop a rigorous go-to-market plan that will deliver the business outcomes you need?

In this webinar, Sridhar Ramanathan, COO and Co-founder of Aventi Group shares five specific common “slip ups” that you can avoid. He’ll share client examples, and you’ll get practical templates that you can apply in key areas such as:

  • Messaging
  • Content development
  • Sales enablement
  • Social media
  • Channel/Partner enablement


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