The Channel Marketing Challenge - 5 Things to Know

The Channel Marketing Challenge – 5 Things to Know

Marketing to end customers through the channel is one of the biggest challenges for any B2B marketing organization. Everything gets (at least) twice as hard.

Combined sales motions, unified value propositions and messaging, joint marketing programs, and channel training and enablement are just some of the line items we have to tackle. And, if that wasn’t enough, not all channel partners are created equal – and we have to deal with that as well.

In this webinar, Aventi Group partner Will Scott shares 5 specific ways in which you can break down the Channel Marketing challenge, including:

  • What you need to know about different channel partner types and their business model
  • How you can develop great campaigns for partner
  • How to avoid misalignment with channel partners and create great messaging

Learn from client examples and get practical tools you can use in your channel marketing program.