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To achieve business goals, marketing leaders need to plan and execute an array of initiatives that build the company’s brand, create demand for their offerings, and arm their sales organizations with tools and training to win business. Aventi’s go-to-market strategies in Chicago will help you achieve your business goals.

Our Services

Market Requirements Document

We provide a through assessment of what it will take to win in your target market. Our recommendation includes market sizing, identifying attractive segments, growth potential, competitive landscape, route to market, pricing/packaging, value proposition, and differentiators. We deliver the findings and recommendations in a structured document that can inform your development and launch plans.

Go-to-Market Strategy and Plan

We create go-to-market plans for critical initiatives from initial planning to execution. Our team has extensive experience in launching products, entering new markets, initiating and growing new partnerships and sales channels. Our planning engagements start with targeting and objective setting, and continue through messaging, strategy, launch, content and tactics, social media, sales enablement, and assessment.

Market Research

The most effective plans are supported by strong data and research. We can design and conduct primary and secondary research using our rigorous and evidence-based methodology to ensure the integrity of the research and soundness of the conclusions.

Messaging and Positioning

We have proven methods and approaches we deploy to create new messaging or to refine existing messaging that effectively aligns with your strategy, personas, differentiators and proof points. We can also help you deploy your messaging to optimize sales effectiveness, search engine optimization (SEO) and marketing content.

Personas and Buyer’s Journey

We collaborate with your team and stakeholders to chart out the personas you most often engage with and your typical buyer’s journey. As a result, you will have a better understanding of your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) so that marketing and sales motions have the maximum impact during their buying process.

Marketing Metrics

We design a performance management approach that creates actionable insights into how well your strategy, programs, and investments are helping you achieve your objectives. This includes recommended objectives & key results (OKR) and the metrics to play closest attention to from each marketing function.

Business Impact

By working collaboratively with our clients on their go-to-market plans in Chicago, our strategic efforts have driven measurable results, including:


Revenue increase in new segment


To market in an emerging category


Competitors profiled in 6 weeks


Strategic bets vetted in 3 weeks

$15 million

In incremental revenue in 6 months

Client Testimonials

Aventi Group has been a key partner to Anomali. Acting as an extension of our Marketing Team, Aventi brought the right skills and support to help us execute on our strategic priorities across brand, demand gen and product launch initiatives.

Karen Buffo CMO, Anomali

As we innovate the pharma and biotech clinical development process with our AI-based solutions, we tapped Aventi Group to help shape our go-to-market strategy across emerging markets and develop engaging and relevant customer-facing content. We were impressed with Aventi’s depth and breadth of expertise in raising the bar of our marketing, and highly recommend Aventi to B2B executives looking for strategic and tactical go-to-market needs. Aventi was a delight to work with and great on keeping the momentum throughout our projects!

Scientific Liaison Director, Intelligencia

We engaged Aventi Group to conduct a rigorous assessment of the market potential for us to win in the legal compliance software space, specifically online seller policy management. Aventi made a compelling case for a go-to-market investment based upon customer research interviews, competitive analyses and market quantification. They brought valuable expertise, worked collaboratively throughout the process, and prepared a realistic plan to drive revenue growth and market leadership. If you're a software company in a high growth category, I highly recommend tapping Aventi for both strategic and tactical marketing.

Denise Zmuda Former Head of Channel Management Products and Services, Vorys

We engaged Aventi Group to bring additional rigor and insight into our hypergrowth plans at 15Five which involves expanding from our leadership position in the continuous performance management (CPM) software category. The market requirements document (MRD) Aventi’s team delivered included primary customer research with a sample of buyers of CPM solutions, and competitive insight work profiling over a dozen players. We were very pleased with the Aventi team’s strategic thinking, evidenced based conclusions, highly collaborative approach, and completing the project right on schedule. I would recommend Aventi to any marketing B2B tech executive looking to engage strategic planning expertise.

Keshila Shannon Former Senior VP Marketing, 15Five

As Seegrid experiences hypergrowth in the autonomous mobile robot (AMR) category, we wanted to sharpen our product positioning and product line naming to grow with our rapidly expanding product portfolio. We partnered with Aventi Group because of their Silicon Valley DNA: their extensive experience with marketing complex technologies and their track record with blue chip tech firms. The Aventi team brought a rigorous methodology and deep expertise that greatly enhanced our go-to-market strategy. I'd recommend Aventi to any B2B marketing executive looking to tap expertise and resources for GTM efforts.

Lindsay Derda Former Head of Product Marketing, Seegrid

We needed people to help us define strategies and tactics – not just project manage delivery. Aventi scaled up fast to fill the resource gaps during our growth spurt. We got both rapid turnaround and top-quality execution. No tradeoffs required.

Holly Simmons Former Global Head of Product Marketing, ServiceNow

We tapped the Aventi Group because of their expertise in enterprise cybersecurity and the closely related fields of data protection and privacy. The Aventi senior product marketer worked collaboratively with us to deliver a messaging brief and topics for webinars that we are implementing now. I highly recommend Aventi for product marketing leaders who find themselves short on bandwidth, yet needing to produce quality results quickly.

Harley Adams Director Security Product Marketing, Micro Focus

Malwarebytes believes that when people and organizations are free from threats, they are free to thrive. As a leader in cyber-protection, Malwarebytes needed excellent talent for critical projects. Malwarebytes partnered with Aventi Group, a product marketing agency, on several fronts: international expansion, product packaging/pricing, segment analysis, competitive sales motions, and more. The Aventi product marketer proved to be an invaluable asset with her depth and breadth of experience. I highly recommend Aventi.

Jennifer Mullin Former VP Marketing, Malwarebytes

[The Aventi executive] is extraordinarily professional, very talented at the discipline of product marketing, and is able to dramatically accelerate execution with a calm and steady hand. He has a strong team behind him who share his values, and take tremendous pride in their work. I would strongly recommend him if you have a need for product marketing support.

Chandra Rangan Former VP Product Marketing, HP Enterprise Software

Frequently Asked Questions

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A go-to-market strategy in Chicago is crucial for a company's success because it helps align all aspects of the business toward achieving market penetration and revenue goals. It ensures that the product or service is effectively positioned, marketed, and distributed, maximizing its chances of success in the market.

A go-to-market strategy in Chicago should be regularly reviewed and updated to reflect changes in the market, industry trends, customer needs, and competitive landscape. It is recommended to conduct a thorough review at least annually, but it's also important to continuously monitor key metrics and indicators to identify any necessary adjustments or optimizations in real time.

A go-to-market strategy in Chicago is a broader plan encompassing marketing as one component. While a marketing strategy focuses specifically on promoting and communicating the value of a product or service to the target audience, a go-to-market strategy takes a more holistic approach. It considers various factors, such as market analysis, target audience, messaging, channels, pricing, sales enablement, and more, to ensure the successful launch and distribution of the offering in the market. The go-to-market strategy outlines how marketing and other functions fit into the overall plan of bringing a product or service to market.

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