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Sales professionals are determined to meet or exceed their targets. Winning requires superior selling skills and a profound understanding of customer demands, the company's offerings, and the market competition. Our sales enablement strategies in Chicago introduce systematic approaches and metrics to enhance the competence of these professionals, ensuring they achieve outstanding outcomes.

Our Services

Powerful Sales Enablement Tools

We develop sales tools that your sellers will actually use and love including customer presentations, competitive battlecards, sales playbooks, call guides, outreach scripts, and more.

Leadership Guidance for Improved Performance

We provide executive direction on sales compensation, sales ops metrics, and key performance indicators. Our sales enablement plan in Chicago covers optimal organization/territory design and the execution of highly effective weekly sales management reviews/meetings.

Training that Builds Competence

We apply digital sales enablement techniques in Chicago to ensure sellers are building competence and confidence in their product knowledge. We create live webinars and on-demand courses that facilitate just-in-time learning. Our sales enablement offerings include role-playing, deal desk/coaching, and mentorship.

Business Impact

Working collaboratively with our clients, we help sales leaders drive higher levels of performance. Our clients have seen:


Increase in conversion rates


Reduction in sales cycle time


Improved productivity of sales team (deals per rep)


Boost in pipeline-to-quota ratio

Client Testimonials

As we grow rapidly, we saw the need for greater rigor in scaling our selling process, systems, seller competencies, approach and more. Aventi Group's executive came in with a methodology to benchmark our selling model, and recommended specific areas for increased focus. We also tapped Aventi to support extensive sales enablement and prep for a strategic launch of our BambooHR product line. The Aventi leader ran through several role playing sessions, delivered the live sales rep and sales management trainings, and built a sales playbook that was foundational going forward. We see our engagement with Aventi as one of the key contributing factors to our success thus far.

Jeff Adams Former Chief Revenue Officer, BambooHR

Our Sales Kick Off (SKO) event was coming up in two months and we needed pre-SKO training for our sellers, but our training organization was short staffed. Aventi’s content and enablement experts worked with our leadership team to develop the training modules, including videos, and built the modules for our learning management system (LMS). I’m really pleased how it all turned out and our sales team will really appreciate it. You guys rock!  

Sherri Liebo SVP & Head of Marketing, Flexential

We engaged Aventi Group to conduct a rigorous assessment of the market potential for us to win in the facilities management software market. Aventi made a compelling case for a go-to-market investment and we launched mid 2021. Aventi helped build immediate momentum on a number of key execution fronts including delivering over 65 customer assets, delivering over 1,500 leads, building a great brand voice, and other sales enablement assets. If you're a software company in a high growth category, I highly recommend tapping Aventi for both strategic and tactical marketing.

Marie Espinoza President, 4insite

Malwarebytes believes that when people and organizations are free from threats, they are free to thrive. As a leader in cyber-protection, Malwarebytes needed excellent talent for critical projects. Malwarebytes partnered with Aventi Group, a product marketing agency, on several fronts: international expansion, product packaging/pricing, segment analysis, competitive sales motions, and more. The Aventi product marketer proved to be an invaluable asset with her depth and breadth of experience. I highly recommend Aventi.

Jennifer Mullin Former VP Marketing, Malwarebytes

I highly recommend Aventi for product marketing leaders who find themselves short on bandwidth, yet needing to produce quality results quickly.

Harley Adams Director Security Product Marketing, Micro Focus

Frequently Asked Questions

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Sales enablement in Chicago is a strategic process that provides sales teams with the tools, resources, and training they need to sell more and close more deals effectively. It encompasses everything from content and training materials to technology and analytics, all aimed at enhancing sales performance and driving revenue.

The success of sales enablement services in Chicago is measured through quantitative and qualitative metrics. This includes:

  • Deal closure rates
  • Sales cycle length
  • Revenue growth
  • Qualitative feedback from sales teams
  • Contract values
  • Deal sizes
  • Win rate
  • Churn rate

The cost of sales enablement services in Chicago can vary widely based on several factors:

  • Scope and depth of training programs
  • The complexity of tools and technologies implemented
  • Customization of content and materials
  • Frequency of training sessions or workshops
  • The size and geographical spread of the sales team
  • Use of external consultants or vendors versus in-house resources
  • Duration and extent of mentorship and coaching sessions
  • Maintenance and updating of sales enablement platforms and tools
  • Analytics and measurement tools utilized.

 Aventi extends its sales enablement and marketing services across diverse regions. Our specialized teams function throughout North America, with primary hubs in Chicago, Illinois, California, Colorado, and Toronto, Canada.
We are committed to assisting clients worldwide, ensuring they benefit from effective sales enablement strategies and tools.

The benefits of sales enablement services in Chicago include:

  • Improved sales performance: Equip sales teams with tools and training to effectively close deals.
  • Shortened sales cycles: Streamlined processes help move leads through the funnel faster.
  • Data-driven decision-making: Access to analytics and metrics helps refine sales strategies over time.

Competitive advantage: With well-prepared sales teams, companies can stand out in a crowded market.

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