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Are you in stressed out launch mode without enough resources, or without the right resources, to get it all done? Breathe easy grasshopper, it’s never too late to leverage Aventi’s launch expertise. Our team of our experts have successfully launched hundreds of products, services, and corporate initiatives.

Our Services

Product Launch Objectives

Focusing on product launch metrics that count, not just metrics that can be counted. Our launch experts help recommend goals, objectives and key performance indicators for world class launches.

Program Management

Our team includes experienced project/program managers experienced in running weekly team meetings, tracking progress to plan, building launch dashboards, mitigating risk, and contributing as a member of the launch team.

Messaging and Positioning

Are your launch messages optimal? We’ll help with formal messaging and positioning document, message testing, Voice of the Customer (VoC) research, message hierarchy, tagline and naming scheme development.

Asset Development

We’ve written, designed, and created highly targeted and effective assets that run the gamut including white papers, solution briefs, web copy, blog posts, infographics, eBooks, video content, customer presentations, channel/partner assets, and more.

Business Impact

Working collaboratively with our clients, we help them scale up to hit and surpass launch objectives. Our clients have seen:


Launch checklist items on time


Increase in pipeline in first quarter


Increase in productive capacity


Earned mentions from customers, analysts and partners


Increase in asset download

Client Testimonials

Malwarebytes believes that when people and organizations are free from threats, they are free to thrive. As a leader in cyber-protection, Malwarebytes needed excellent talent for critical projects. Malwarebytes partnered with Aventi Group, a product marketing agency, on several fronts: international expansion, product packaging/pricing, segment analysis, competitive sales motions, and more. The Aventi product marketer proved to be an invaluable asset with her depth and breadth of experience. I highly recommend Aventi.

Jennifer Mullin Former VP Marketing, Malwarebytes

If you’re looking for go-to-market support with short ramp-up time and quick value delivery, Aventi is where you should go.

Holly Simmons Former Global Head of Product Marketing, ServiceNow

The Aventi Group Partner led an important launch for our flagship product line. She created a sense of urgency in getting things moving faster and producing results. She not only served as launch and campaign leader but rolled up her sleeves to create or edit content, ensure list quality, devise nurture flows, analyzed metrics for process improvement, and worked collaboratively with our experienced teams.

Jason Paez Sr Director, Integrated Marketing Campaigns, A10 Networks

We tapped the Aventi Group because of their expertise in enterprise cybersecurity and the closely related fields of data protection and privacy. The Aventi senior product marketer worked collaboratively with us to deliver a messaging brief and topics for webinars that we are implementing now. I highly recommend Aventi for product marketing leaders who find themselves short on bandwidth, yet needing to produce quality results quickly.

Harley Adams Director Security Product Marketing, Micro Focus

Frequently Asked Questions

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A product launch is when a company introduces a new product or service to the public for the very first time. It's the first time your 'star product' steps into the limelight, ready to dazzle the audience (also known as the market).

A product launch company in Illinois carefully plans and executes to create excitement and interest among potential buyers, and it marks the official entry of the product into the market for business use.

The cost of product launch services in Illinois can vary depending on the number of products and the space you’re entering.. 

Every product's journey is unique, and so is its launch. The cost may vary depending on factors like product complexity, target audience size, and marketing strategies involved.

Aventi is a team of product marketing experts in Illinois, skilled in leading high-performance teams in mid-sized firms and large enterprises, specifically in B2B high-growth stages.

Some of our clients include MalwareBytes, SAP, Hewlett Packard Enterprises, and Adobe.

Our product launch services in Illinois extend across borders, with dedicated teams operating throughout North America and leadership in Texas, Illinois, California, Colorado, and Toronto, Canada.

We cater to clients worldwide, providing them with the expertise and support they need for successful market entries.

A professional product launch agency in Illinois offers a range of valuable advantages to businesses looking to introduce new products to the market. A product launch service in Illinois can:

  • Identify and engage the right audience, ensuring the product reaches its intended customer base.
  • Recommend goals, objectives, and key performance indicators for a perfect launch.
  • Strategize and plan each step of the launch, increasing the likelihood of a successful outcome.
  • Develop contingency plans to minimize risks during the launch.
  • Monitor post-launch market response and provide valuable feedback for adapting and improving strategies as needed.

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