5 Cool Things Marketers are Doing

5 Cool Things Marketers are Doing

Recently our founders, Sridhar Ramanathan and Jeff Thompson, and Aventi Partner, Avery Horzewski, did an insightful Live Chat, covering “Five Cool Things Marketers Are Doing.” For many of us, it drove home the realization that we’ve worked with some amazing companies and projects over the last few years. To get a more in-depth overview and hear the stories directly from the founders, I suggest you check out the #AventiLive Chat.  In the meantime, here are three of the five innovative marketing strategies that were discussed on the live chat which have had tremendous impact on our clients’ business.

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1) SAP innovation awards

This is one of our favorite projects. Why? Because the company has turned the concept of customer reference programs on its head. Rather than doing case studies the traditional way, they’ve created a way for customers to tell their own stories.

SAP created an annual contest which awards the best customer stories. The program has run for 7 years and winners are invited to speak at SAPPHIRE NOW – SAP’s annual user conference. They are also featured in a variety of tactics including videos and articles in reputable publications. The program has tremendously enhanced SAP’s brand awareness while driving demand for its business.

SAP Innovation Awards

2) The “No F*ing Around” campaign

The security industry is a noisy market. To differentiate its offerings, Malwarebytes, came up with a clever theme called “Endpoint Security That Isn’t F*ing Around.” Leading to Black Hat, the pre-IPO company which enjoys a near cult-like following among consumers, promoted the integrated marketing campaign using a variety of tactics across multiple channels. The campaign made a strong impression, becoming a sensation throughout the conference, and increasing brand awareness.

5 cool things marketers are doing in 2020 Malwarebytes

3) “Hack It. We Dare You.”

The once mainframe company, Unisys, has for many years provided powerful security software solutions which are used everywhere—from passport scanners at international airports to managing the security of 25% of the world’s air freight. Unisys put on a challenge at the recent RSA InfoSec conference in San Francisco. The campaign was called “Capture the Flag.” With the message, “Hack It. We Dare You,” Unisys offered $10,000 to anyone who can hack their system. Ultimately, the campaign created a lot of buzz, the machine won against all 70 humans, and the $10,000 prize was donated to the Women in Cyber Security (#WICyS) group.

5 Cool Things Marketers are Doing in 2020_Hack it we dare you

You can get more details on all five marketing initiatives by downloading this free eBook. You can also check out the #AventiLive Chat Below. We hope you enjoy it.

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Sasha Mostofi-Jorgensen

Sasha Mostofi-Jorgensen has over 20 years of experience working for technology organizations in strategic roles across development, sales engineering and product marketing. As the Vice President of Product Marketing and Inbound Marketing at Spirion, a data security company, she was instrumental in driving campaigns which contributed to 75% of the sales pipeline. Prior to Spirion, Sasha led product marketing at WhiteHat Security, where she built the product marketing team from the ground up, managing the entire portfolio of SAST and DAST products.