Aventi Group Announces New Offering: Trial Optimization Assessment

With software trials regaining importance in contactless sales cycles, Aventi Group offers Trial Optimization Assessment

With remote work becoming the new normal, businesses are searching for solutions to support employee productivity and business continuity. Despite increased demand, SaaS companies are facing a new challenge: the ‘tried and true’ face-to-face sales and marketing programs they’ve relied on are no longer feasible. Re-enter the trial.

SaaS companies are starting to re-evaluate whether their free trials could help fill the lead generation gap. Many, however, are discovering their trial experience is not ready for prime-time.

Trial Optimization Assessment: actionable guidance for delivering an exceptional trial experience

Aventi Group is pleased to announce the new Trial Optimization Assessment. With this service, Aventi performs an objective, comprehensive analysis of your trial journey, and provides detailed, prioritized recommendations that can be implemented immediately to optimize both the customer journey and your trial’s performance. 

From the earliest stages of trial discovery, to the sign up and first product experience, all the way through to analyzing metrics to measure success, Aventi Group’s Trial Optimization Assessment provides insight into where your trial stands today and practical advice for how you can improve it. As a benchmark, it also includes an evaluation and comparison with the competitor of your choice. 

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The assessment requires no heavy lifting on the client’s part. Aventi Group interviews members of your team and then performs the evaluation without requiring additional resources.  Clients receive detailed, actionable recommendations in less than 30 days, for $8500. 

Optimizing trial has multiple impacts on your bottom line

Aventi Group has helped improve trial experiences and results for many clients –one customer improved use metrics by 300% and trial conversion revenues by 47%. And by implementing new KPIs and systematic reporting, our clients have put their trials on the path to continuous improvement.

When businesses optimize trial experience and performance, they do more than just increase conversion rates, they can close larger deals, fuel faster product adoption with new customers, and elevate customer loyalty.

Unlock the power of your trial program. Learn more about the Trial Optimization Assessment here >> or contact Aventi Group today.