#AventiLive Chat: Channel Sales – What Really Works to Drive Successful Partnerships

#AventiLive Chat: Channel Sales – What Really Works to Drive Successful Partnerships

#AventiLive chat with Aventi Co-founder, Sridhar Ramanathan, and special guest, Steve Cross.

This Facebook live replay dives into channel sales and what really works to drive successful partnerships…it’s not what you think! Our speakers discuss a number of key topics, including:

  • What REALLY drives your channel partners
  • How to use partner advisory councils for better results
  • Channel programs – what actually works and what doesn’t
  • Understanding the true cost to partners when implementing your channel programs/tools
  • What sales tools are actually valuable (it’s not always channel sales playbooks)
  • How to become more of an advocate for partner needs vs just pushing your programs

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About the Speakers:

AventiLive guest Steve Cross

Steve Cross recently retired from Atlassian, where he grew the Americas Channel about a zillion percent! In the dim and distant past, Steve was VP of Sales at Connectix, growing from $0 to $150 million with launch of first webcam. He was also VP of Channels at Pinnacle Systems for their turnaround, and CEO and Co-Founder of a global top 500 website YourFreeStuff.com.

AventiLive speaker Sridhar Ramanathan is an Aventi Group Co-Founder

Sridhar Ramanathan is an Aventi Group Co-Founder, and has over twenty five years of experience in technology companies from startups to blue chip firms. As the lead marketing executive for Hewlett-Packard’s Managed Services business, he was responsible for global marketing and services portfolio management for the $1.1B unit. He also held profit & loss responsibility for electronic messaging outsourcing and e-service business units.

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Jaime Ribakovs