#AventiLive Chat: Launch Best Practices for Go-to-Market Success

#AventiLive Chat: Launch Best Practices for Go-to-Market Success

What’s one of the most complex, collaborative, and risky endeavors that marketing is often asked to lead? You guessed it…the launch. Launch includes many things, product launches, market entry, new solution introduction, and others. And although launches often come with plenty of challenges and uncertainty, they make up for it by being the most fun and rewarding activity.

Watch our speakers, Helen Dwight from SAP and Jeff Thompson from Aventi Group, as they discuss launch and go-to-market best practices. Topics include:

  • How to approach a launch
  • How to set objectives as you’re getting started
  • Tips to maximize the impact of a launch
  • How to measure success

If you missed the live event, you can still submit your questions in the comments anytime. Helen and/or Jeff will gladly respond as soon as they can.


Helen Dwight
Global VP, Head of Marketing
Intelligent Enterprise and Industries,
Jeff Thompson
President and Co-Founder,
Aventi Group

Written By

Christina Ditzel