#AventiLive Chat: The Untapped Power of Buyer Personas Done Right

#AventiLive Chat: The Untapped Power of Buyer Personas Done Right

Usually, the most exciting part of buyer personas for most B2B marketers is coming up with a clever name and an attractive photo as they fill out yet another form for their marketing plan. But most buyer personas deliver only a tiny portion of the impact they could and should have.

Watch our speakers, Wayne Cerullo from B2P Partners and Sridhar Ramanathan from Aventi Group, as they dive into buyer personas- where do most buyer personas fall short, and how to craft high impact ones that your sales and marketing teams will put to use.

Topics include:

  • Why typical buyer personas often fail to make a difference
  • Best practices for crafting high-impact personas
  • 2 examples of real buyer personas that made a difference
  • How personas can empower PMMs to lead
  • How personas should promote your buyer enablement and sales enablement

If you missed the live event, you can still submit your questions in the comments anytime. Wayne and/or Sridhar will gladly respond as soon as they can.


Wayne Cerullo
B2P Partners
Sridhar Ramanathan
COO and Co-Founder,
Aventi Group

Written By

Jaime Ribakovs