#AventiLive Chat: 4 Practical ABM Tips for Engaging Customers in a Virtual World

#AventiLive Chat: 4 Practical ABM Tips for Engaging Customers in a Virtual World

According to a recent ITSMA report, companies investing in account-based marketing (ABM) have seen substantial results, with 71% reporting greater ROI than any other marketing initiative. But with businesses having to turn to virtual marketing strategies during the current pandemic, ABM must also become more digital to help connect with audiences, increase opportunities for account engagement, and contribute to sales opportunities.

Watch this #AventiLive chat with ITSMA President & CEO, Dave Munn, and Aventi Group Partners, Eric Rasmussen and Sasha Mostofi-Jorgensen, as they discuss strategies and tactics for a blended ABM approach leveraging multiple digital channels to reach your audience.

Topics they cover:

  • How to replace in-person account engagements with virtual ones
  • Creating more personalized, ultra-relevant content and messaging
  • Maximizing the impact of your social influencer and online advertising strategies
  • Combining the right mix of digital, social, and direct marketing tactics to achieve better results
  • Other creative strategies and tactics you can quickly implement

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Written By

Jaime Ribakovs