The Top 7 Topics Marketing Executives are Focusing On

Marketing Executives Focus On These 7 Topics

Last week, I hosted a luncheon for tech marketing executives here in Chicago to network with peers, share tricks of the trade, and discuss what’s top of mind for all of us. We had a great time, a good meal, and a fascinating discussion. I came away with some really interesting takeaways which I thought I’d summarize below: 

  1. Measuring product marketing is mission-critical for the success and continued investment of your overall marketing organization.
  2. Getting leadership aligned with partner marketing on goals, strategies, and metrics is different from funnel-based demand generation. Understanding that difference will help set partner marketing up for success.
  3. When multiple acquisitions are involved, it’s essential to get marketing teams rowing together for scaling long-term marketing success. 
  4. Showing momentum with sales enablement by  demonstrating success through metrics helps accelerate middle-of-the-funnel (MOFU) marketing.
  5. A key priority for 2023 is refining ideal customer profiles to be more targeted, setting sales up for greater levels of success and helping focus the organization overall.
  6. Another shared 2023 goal is to double down on customer growth to help maximize revenue and lifetime value with current customers.
  7. Given ongoing budget constraints, it’s of greater importance than ever to carefully and strategically decide what to focus on––and what to not focus on. 

A big thanks to everyone who was able to join me, and to those who weren’t, I hope to see you next time!

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Dave Panek

Dave has over 25 years in various marketing and product marketing leadership roles with high growth MarTech and AdTech companies. As the Global VP of Product Marketing for Epsilon, he led go-to-market and portfolio marketing growth for their data, media, and marketing solutions. Previously, he was SVP Marketing at Aprimo where he built marketing from the ground up as a content-driven, customer-centric growth engine. He has also held product marketing leadership roles at Teradata, IBM, Oracle as well as high growth startups.