#AventiLive Chat: Sales Playbooks That Sellers Actually Love

#AventiLive Chat: Sales Playbooks That Sellers Actually Love

Most sales playbooks are the repository where marketers stuff—um—equip the sales team with all the marketing materials they have. But what if your sales playbooks were built around the way the best sellers sell and the way prospects buy?

Watch our speakers, Daniel Zamudio from Playboox and Sridhar Ramanathan from Aventi Group, as they dive into why a sales playbook is the key to effective sales enablement. Topics include:

  • What is a sales playbook?
  • Where does a sales playbook fit in the overall arsenal of enablement tools, training modules, coaching, etc.?
  • Why are most sales playbooks simply not used?
  • What are best practices in making sales playbooks that sellers love? What content should it have? What is the look & feel?
  • What role does technology play in driving playbook utility and adoption?
  • Plus live audience Q&A throughout.

If you missed the live event, you can still submit your questions in the comments anytime. Daniel and/or Sridhar will gladly respond as soon as they can.


Daniel Zamudio
Daniel Zamudio
Founder & CEO,
Sridhar Ramanathan
Sridhar Ramanathan
COO and Co-Founder,
Aventi Group

Written By

Jaime Ribakovs