What’s Behind Sales and Marketing Misalignment?

In the world of B2B sales, it’s common to hear the term “sales and marketing misalignment” being thrown around. In reality, this means sales is complaining that marketing is providing them with poor leads, while marketing says sales isn’t following up on their leads adequately. 

However, according to a podcast interview on Sales Leadership Conversations with Aventi Group COO and Co-founder, Sridhar Ramanathan, “misalignment” is an overly simplistic term for this disconnect. A more accurate way to get at the root of the problem is to ask: why are sellers struggling with engaging their prospects? Where are leads falling short, and why? 

The missing link here is in product marketing, whose specific role it is to analyze, know, and understand every potential persona involved in a buying decision. By defining these personas, their pain points and specific needs, product marketing ensures that sales will reach the right person at the right time with the right message–and, as a result, close more deals. 

Find out more about where exactly sales and marketing are misaligned and Sridhar’s recommendations on how product marketing can help by listening to the podcast.

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