#AventiLive Chat: How to Increase a Sense of Urgency with Your Prospects and Customers

#AventiLive Chat: How to Increase a Sense of Urgency with Your Prospects and Customers

#AventiLive chat with Host, Sridhar Ramanathan, Aventi Partner, Sasha Mostofi-Jorgensen, and special guest, Robby Halford.

You’ve invested in a MarTech stack, created a ton of content, and even exceeded your top of funnel goals. Bravo, right? Not so fast, because your head of sales is still missing her sales goal, and you don’t win unless she wins. Increasing the sense of urgency in your prospects and current customers might be just the thing to help.

This Facebook live broadcast dives into practical ways of working with sales to increase a sense of urgency, so you can move leads and opportunities through your funnel and close more deals before the end of quarter and year, including tips around:

  • Eliminating roadblocks for a smoother sales process
  • Riding the wave of news and market trends
  • Managing trials, CTAs and assessments
  • Increasing customer retention
  • Creating virtual experiences for face-to-face events

About the Speakers:

Robby Halford

Robby Halford is currently the Director of Sales Enablement at Malwarebytes, a top security software company. In his role as a sales enablement thought leader, Robby has built multiple onboarding programs for SaaS companies from scratch, developing comprehensive, competency-based learning with a focus on best practices for adults. He excels at cultivating relationships with company executives and subject matter experts in order to enable rapid business growth. Robby’s foundation as a teacher early in his career has given him the skills to create solid instructional objectives and goals. He has completed a master’s degree in educational leadership, and is currently in the PhD program at Indiana University, Bloomington specializing in education and instructional system technology.

Sasha Mostofi-Jorgensen

Sasha Mostofi-Jorgensen has over 20 years of experience working for technology companies across development, sales engineering, product marketing and demand generation. Prior to joining Aventi Group, Sasha held senior roles in product marketing in organizations such as WhiteHat Security, Spirion and IBM. In her last role as Vice President of Product Marketing and Inbound Marketing, she was instrumental in leading go-to-market strategies and campaigns that helped drive demand and revenue.

Written By

Jaime Ribakovs