5 High-Value, Low-Urgency Marketing Projects to Prioritize This Summer

Leveraging the Eisenhower Matrix: Five Projects for B2B Marketers to Invest in Now for Results by the End of Summer

In the fast-paced B2B tech marketing world, it’s all too easy to get caught up in putting out fires and dealing with what’s right in front of us––regardless of how important those quick-hit tasks are. When stuck in that cycle, impactful business leaders use a tool called the Eisenhower Matrix, which helps us separate tasks into urgent and important categories:

Often, we’re so focused on the “urgent and important” stuff that we miss out on some of the “not-so-urgent but very important” tasks. 

Summer is right around the corner, so why not seize the opportunity of a little summer slowdown to tackle a few high-importance tasks that you typically put on the back burner? I’m going to share with you five projects that are very important but often not urgent enough to rise to the top. Added bonus: most, maybe even all of them, can be outsourced so that you can still enjoy a beach holiday. Start on these now, and you’ll have a “what I did over my summer vacation” presentation that will dazzle your boss. 

1) Content assessment

We all know content is king, but let’s be honest, when was the last time you really took a good, hard look at your existing content? A thorough assessment of your existing content, segmented by persona, journey stage, and product/service, can reveal gaps and performance insights. Focus on identifying top and bottom performers and strategize to optimize content accordingly. Remember, a comprehensive content strategy doesn’t just have an immediate impact; it promises sustained lead generation and brand awareness. In other words, this will pay off big time in the long run.

2) Look in on lost customers 

As we wrote about in a recent blog post, customer interviews are a fantastic way to understand the motivations behind customers who cancel or downgrade their subscription-based product/service. This takes time and a dedicated resource to conduct, so why not use the summer to move this from a “nice to have” up to a “must have”? Qualitative data like this can help you unearth factors not immediately apparent in your other data, thereby refining your customer retention strategies.

3) Invest in anchor content

Another excellent activity that lies in the “important but not urgent” category is creating anchor content to position yourself as a thought leader in your industry. Think of this as a potential cornerstone of your GTM motions––something so valuable that it can be repurposed in countless ways for Q4 programs and beyond. This is one of those “work smarter, not harder” situations. 

4) Sales “sit-ins” 

Want to know what your prospects are really thinking? Well, you should! In order to truly resonate with your prospects, it’s crucial to understand their needs and concerns directly. Sitting in on sales calls or participating in a series of sales or channel pitches gives you insights into the buyer’s perspective. This practice allows for a real-time adjustment of messaging, content, and sales enablement strategies, ensuring that you’re really speaking the customer’s language.

5) Explore AI in marketing

Start exploring different generative AI platforms to see what they can do: create engaging content, brainstorm ideas, and even conduct A/B testing. Use your summer to come up with an initial set of recommendations on how AI can be integrated into your marketing efforts, potentially automating and optimizing several processes.

These are just a few examples of how to level-up your long term impact. Remember: as the Eisenhower Matrix shows us, just because a project isn’t urgent doesn’t mean it’s not important. Investing time and resources in these low-urgency, high-importance projects can help establish you as an authority, enhance customer engagement, and ultimately drive revenue. 

What are you waiting for? Starting one or two of these projects now is important AND urgent!

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Written By

Eric Rasmussen

Eric works with Aventi customers in go-to-market strategy and execution. Before Aventi, Eric had several roles at Juniper Networks including leading Juniper’s Data Center Marketing and running Americas Field Marketing. Before Juniper, Eric held B2B marketing positions at Qwest, AT&T, TeleChoice (a niche consulting firm), and started his tech career as an Internet access product manager. Well-versed in networking, security, and cloud, Eric has a BS from University of Colorado and MBA from Indiana University. And he loves the quote: Strategy without execution is hallucination.