Featured Team Member: Eric Rasmussen

Aventi is proud of our team who make our services special. That is why we are starting a new series highlighting one of our star team members each month. This month, our feature consultant is Eric Rasmussen

Eric Rasmussen

Who is Eric Rasmussen?

Eric was recently hired as one of Aventi’s marketing strategists, with an extensive background in both marketing and technology. Marketing is a unique field that can approached by many different perspectives; having experience in multiple backgrounds leads to time-efficient, resourceful, and well-informed marketing strategies. Armed with data and cloud familiarity, sharp parenting skills, and a calm and collected nature that has guided him through many difficult situations, his expertise is well-rounded and effective.

What Has Eric Done Throughout His Career?

Eric Rasmussen is from Denver, Colorado. His marketing experience started at the beginning of his career, when he worked on field marketing teams for large companies like AT&T, Cox, and Amazon. Always interested in how technology could change the way these companies functioned, Eric’s technical solutions shaped the way many modern industry providers service their clients. After years working as part of a team, Eric moved up to the status of team leader and moved to London to engage in the next era of his career.

In London, his team’s global data center campaigns allowed for large-scale, beneficial partnerships within their industries. Today, he uses his background in IT to help lead events to success through a well-planned process with an emphasis on appropriately scaled resources and a strict adherence to step-by-step scheduling and deadlines set by the client. Working with content strategy, event strategy, and cloud solutions – among many other approaches – Eric Rasmussen is consistently pushing partnered companies to understand how they can improve their domain knowledge and remain leaders in their industry through today’s marketing strategies.

Eric’s View on How Aventi Helps Clients

Eric knows that Aventi brings experts to bear to help clients accomplish goals quickly. About Aventi’s role, Eric says, “Aventi can manage launches, content, events, and more to enhance company visibility in a short period of time. Aventi has a large network of resources we can choose from according to the client’s needs, and more than 100 client engagements to draw from for reference.” He has also said that Aventi does a great job deepening its expertise in emerging technologies so clients benefit from the domain knowledge we bring.

Aventi takes its marketing seriously, and without the help of its dedicated team members, success would not be possible. For more information on how team members like Eric Rasmussen might aid your company in successful product launches, promotional campaigns, and more, contact us today.