Featured Team Member: Tanya Candia

Featured Team Member: Tanya Candia

Name: Tanya Candia

Background: Information Security, Product Management, Marketing

• Software engineering in manufacturing
• VP of Marketing at F-Secure

Location: San Francisco Bay Area

Fun Fact: Tanya is a well-traveled, no-nonsense hiker, having conquered the likes of Kilimanjaro and the Matterhorn. Currently holds a third-degree blackbelt in Tae Kwon Do and has mastered several languages with Russian on the way.


Tanya’s career path is a storied one, with many changes in direction both in experience and in geography. She began as a software engineer specializing in information security, working her way up through project management and marketing. She traveled the world over, working in Finland, the UK, Israel, and China, until she (partially) settled into Italy where she now works as a consultant. Her services revolve around a multitude of concepts and strategies, including but not limited to:
• “Audience Interest” Marketing
• Sales Enablement
• Product Education
• Competitive Analysis
• White Papers
• Technology Assessments
• TCO/ROI Calculators
• Annual Threat Reporting

Benefits Derived From Services:

Marketing teams never seem to have enough time to do everything on their plates, yet they struggle to find consultants who possess the domain expertise and writing skills to fill in the gaps. The benefit Tanya provides to marketing teams is accurate, timely, and focused help when they need it most. In her experience, sales teams and customers are also the beneficiaries. Sales people love the battle cards and competitive analyses, since they are based on a wide variety of sources and highlight unexpected strengths and weaknesses that need to be understood. Smaller companies can acquire the boost in domain knowledge and sales confidence they need from Tanya in order to move forward into their long-term business plans. This in turn benefits Aventi, who can adaptively provide services to clients of any size with ambitions on any scale.​

How Would You Describe Aventi Group to a Current or Prospective Client?

“The first word that comes to mind is ethical. That’s a rarity with consulting firms, where all too often their clients signed up for a lot of work and then sit back and don’t do much. With Aventi it’s different: we promise a lot, but deliver even more. The standards are much higher at Aventi Group than at many of the world’s best-in-class multinational corporations, and clients rest assured that they are getting top talent and true team members regardless of the length of the engagement.”

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