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Staff Profile: Tanya Candia

Name: Tanya Candia Background: Information Security, Product Management, Marketing Experience: • Software engineering in manufacturing • VP of Marketing at F-Secure Location: San Francisco Bay Area Fun Fact: Tanya is a well-traveled, no-nonsense hiker, having...

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How to Promote Content After It’s Written

Creating well-produced, well-written, and interesting content is only the first step in promoting a company’s brand and products. To get the most value out of that content, you need a plan for regularly sharing it with your audience and reminding them that it’s there....

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7 Best Practices for Hiring Quality Copywriters

Copywriting is now more critical than ever for your organization to communicate with your audience. Good copywriting is needed, for not only a company's website, but also for blogs, brochures, white papers, videos, presentations, case studies, advertising campaigns,...

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