Product Marketing Collateral: 3 Things to Consider

Product Marketing Collateral: 3 Things to Consider

Every business has the same questions when it comes to effective product marketing for sales content. What kind of content do I need? Is my content leading to sales? How can I grow my client base? The overall question seems to be: Is it working? The marketing team at Aventi Group has developed an easy way for you to access your own product marketing collateral and determine if your sales content is growing your customer base or sending content viewers in the wrong direction. Use these 3 key questions by Aventi Group and take your product marketing collateral to the next level.

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What is your message?

This is question number one. What is the overall message about your product that you want a potential buyer to understand? Do you want the quality of the product to stand out? The convenience? The innovation? Whatever your message, it should be broadcasted consistently throughout all product marketing content. This level of streamlined, relevant content will lead to a potential buyer feeling more knowledgeable about what makes you different and more comfortable with their understanding of who you are as a company. This confidence and consistency level will take your marketing content straight to closed sales for your product.

Download the Product Marketing Messaging template

What is your strategy for getting your message out there?

When it comes to effective product marketing collateral, simply creating product descriptions and throwing them on the internet won’t create the sales deals you need to grow your business. To reach the buyer you’re looking for, you need to know WHO that buyer is. Are you aiming your content message towards high-level professionals or recent college graduates? This question can make a massive difference in how and where you’re distributing your marketing material.

Once you know your market, tailor your types of product marketing content to that audience. Know that potential buyers are likely to download more than one piece of content, so make sure all your content is connected and relevant. This strategy at its most effective is known as an Integrated Marketing Campaign. This strategy uses product marketing content that takes the potential buyer on a journey from awareness, to consideration, and eventually to decision. With all marketing content interconnected in a thoughtful and targeted way, you can consciously move potential buyers towards closed sales.

How are you measuring the effectiveness of your messaging and content?

The best way to know if your product marketing collateral strategy is reaching your target audience effectively is to get feedback on your content. Response and engagement metrics can give you a clear view of how many and which buyers are most interacting with your content. You can also learn which content specifically is reeling in the most sales.

One example would be email click through rates. Click through rates show who is interacting with your marketing emails by clicking on the links you placed throughout the content. When you send out a marketing email, you need to know if the content of that email is working towards sales. If not, you can alter your content or the audience you’re sending it to. If that content is working effectively, you can push to create additional coordinated content.

With these questions by Aventi Group you can analyze the product marketing collateral strategy you’re already using and learn how to generate even more effective content for your business. Take a deeper look at your messaging and content with the free template developed by Aventi Group.

Download the Product Marketing Messaging template

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